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Hard facts plus tips and techniques for advancing in God and life!

Telling the truth versus a comfortable lie has always been my motto. The uncomfortable truth is that, even though I'm a human being, a believer in God, I'm still a black man in America. The rulers of this world have indoctrinated us all with types of lies, starting with the knowledge of our true heritage. For 400 years, the experience of black and brown people in America has been less than a joy ride. Have you ever taken the time to research why? Well, I have, and the findings contained herein are rather disturbing. Well documented facts have been ignored by the world at large but to my dismay even in the church. Consequently, we are now witnessing many societal ills such as the deterioration and feminization of our black youth via music, television, and social media.  Additionally, decision-makers have weaponized new terms such as toxic masculinity to further emasculate us. Often, using celebrities along with sports figures to negatively influence our children into becoming followers on a quest for fame and fortune, not seekers of God. This book is admittedly bold, a bit controversial to some and that's ok. Sometimes you have to stir the pot to get much-needed conversations going on in the church and the world at large. In this book, I'm raising the bar from your typical sugarcoated "Christian" literature you may be used to. Today, everyone is overly concerned with being politically correct even as a believer. This is not the time to be passive when lives are being snatched away in the black community daily. Someone has to tell it like it is, I believe I was chosen to be that voice. To hear some scholars say it “black people were never of any significance to God.”  Even though the origin of mankind and several scriptures state otherwise.  Yet people wonder why some black people are not open to receiving the "Good News." To me, the answer is simple if you can't relate, you can't participate. The days of the smooth-talking, self-serving charismatic feel-good messages are over! We are truly living in the last days and since God said He would rather none be lost, this is my contribution to that cause.  In addition to exposing some uncomfortable truths, this book is filled with solutions. I've used portions of my life as an example to illustrate that even when others doubt your calling, God will not pass you by.  With that in mind, I've included tips, tricks, and techniques to help you eliminate self-defeating thoughts that hinder your progress. The purpose of this book is not to give you a reason to give up but a reason to get up! Despite the obstacles you've faced, we serve a mighty God who can and will tip the scales in your favor so you too can be a winner! Remember being pro-black does not equate to being anti-white. God is not the author of confusion, and He loves all His children, but I want this world to know He has always loved us just the same.


"The Uncomfortable Truth" by Timm Knight Demolishes Modern Myths and Propaganda for a Quest for God

May 11, 2020 – Few know how to say things as they are. In the politically correct generation, fed with lies and emasculating messages every day, it takes great courage to break out of the mold and face the truth. It...

Monday, May 11th 2020, 11:16 PM EDT

The Uncomfortable Truth Podcast


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