Yielded Vessels

We've all made it to a new week by the grace of God so that in itself is a blessing. In spending time with the lord this morning I realize that indeed God wants us available for his use and glory whenever needed. That being said as humans it can be challenging for us to surrender our ideas, wants, and desires to be open to hearing from heaven. However, if we can grasp hold of the fact that by doing so all the things we seek will be added unto us as the scriptures have said. Our incessant need to dwell on what was, what could have been, or should have been only produces regrets and discontentment. The fact is every believer is expected to bear fruit in some capacity along this life journey. He wants to be able to use who are called by his name to bring comfort, encouragement, and hope to those we encounter in this world. It's not easy when we can become overly consumed by our situations that we can easily overlook the plight of others. This is why we have to cast our cares upon him who cares for us so we can be of service to others. Furthermore, we cannot beat ourselves up for not being perfect as we know that will never be the case but at the same time, we need not be silent either. My prayer these days are simple. "Father, let your perfect will be done in my life today". I have concluded that I only think I know what's best but only he knows for sure. Be Blessed! For more, you can pick up a copy of my latest book "The Uncomfortable Truth" now on Amazon!

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