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All things being considered many never truly seek to build a relationship with me for that would require time to cultivate as other meaningful relationships. In fact, it was not you who chose me but indeed I who have chosen you. However, there are great benefits to those who choose to accept an invitation to dine with the master. I provide more than just your daily bread I supply all your needs and often never hear back until more is required. Over and over the scriptures give examples of those including the Son of God who rose early to seek my face and to hear what I have to say. The enemy and his minions are certainly active in the wee hours of the morning seeking whom they may devour. Yet many of those called by name are sleeping comfortably unaware of the plan the enemy has devised against them. In this life, you will have trouble but I have told you these things so you may have peace in me and ultimately overcome the world. (See John 16:33). If you cannot find any other reason to build a relationship with me the fact that I am the giver of life should be one. You often take time to research to learn more about the creator of your favorite music that is secretly leading many souls astray yet too few are curious about the one who has given them the gifts and talents that you admire. But if you seek me with your whole heart and soul you will find me. (See Duet 4:29)

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