Super Bowl Streaker with a cryptic message. Do you get it?

As it's been said, there is no such thing as coincidence. While most Americans enjoyed watching their favorite pass time sport. The powers that be were sending a message loud and clear to those who are aware and awake. I almost hate to use terms like "Wake, Woke" etc. But in this case, it certainly fits because a large majority of people have failed to critically analyze what is put before their eyes. The term Conspiracy theorist has become synonymous with someone crazy. When in all reality those who don't look deeper into television/media programming are the ones who are crazy in my opinion. Question everything, even what I say. Do your due diligence to make sure you're not being mislead by me or anyone else. But that's just the thing no one has or wants to take the time to delve into the esoteric meanings behind what the so-called elite present to us as truth. Moreover, what does this scripture say to you? Do you realize they are using the Bible as a blueprint for the "New" world that is taking place? Those who profess faith in Yahshua will be persecuted according to scripture. So it is not by happenstance that this guy was allowed to send the message to millions of unsuspecting viewers with the all mocking tongue no less. I need not go into the Weekend's demonic half time show which is prepping the world for the entrance of the Anti Christ. But for those who are reading this, it's time to turn off the Tel Lie Vision programming. Stop believing what these paid talking heads are saying. Research, study and draw your conclusions.

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