#Greetings as usual to those of you who are enjoying this blog as well as the podcast version. Today, before I get started I would be remiss if I did not address something very important. In fact, I wrote a whole chapter about this in my book "The Uncomfortable Truth" What I'm referring to is that every so often I have to #rebuke the spirit of fear when it comes to doing the work the father has assigned to my hands. However, I'm not so much referring to being afraid to speak my mind it's more so how the enemy would have me overly concerned with how people will receive it. Consequently, if we dwell on thoughts of past failures and misfortune that will ultimately serve as grounds to nullify the ministry the most high has placed in us. At the same time, understand that people only know the side of them that you show them. But when you are created with purpose there is always more to be revealed as you mature in the things of God. So be of good courage as others have preceded you in declaring the good news in a time when people would prefer lies over the truth. Your job is not to appease the ears of men but rather speak the truth in love and let God do the rest. My next #film "Do Not Disturb" is a great testament to how we all have at some point have shut the father out of areas that need his attention to heal. In reality, none of us knows all there is to know about God or this life. But according to (Duet:29:29) The secret things belong to God but those things that are revealed belong to us and our children. Again, this is why it is important to be able to hear directly from the throne room because we recognize the powers that be have left of certain books of the Bible and have altered certain things in it. However, what God reveals to you directly and confirms through another yielded vessel you can stand on. I recognize how the father speaks to me (which is in my dreams), take time to ascertain how he speaks to you. I will interject a dream here because I feel it's timely and appropriate. Many years ago I had a #dream where I was back in Detroit, chaos had broken out in the neighborhood, people were running scared because these black horses were running wild in the streets. I ran into my old elementary school which now had become a temple. Inside there was a statue of #Yahshua then I was immediately at peace and in safety. After a while, I looked out and saw a good friend of mine who was stuck outside. I called their name and asked, "Are you coming in?" They hesitated, I never heard a response then I woke up. So to this day, I'm not sure if this person will come into the ark of safety though I surely hope so. In conclusion, you can write that dream off as merely an overactive imagination or you can see the message that I escaped the chaos brought upon those who are outside of #Christ and extended an invitation of #salvation to another to join me. The war for our souls has long been waged but now the war in the natural realm has intensified. We no longer have the luxury of sitting out of this fight for the souls of mankind. If the spirit of the living God is operating in you it is now time to wage battle in the spirit against the works of darkness. Pick a side then raise your flag!

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