Knock Hard, Knock Loud!

Greetings! On my most recent podcast I recently talked about the above title but I wanted to delve a little deeper for those prefer to read. With 2020 shaping up to be one of the most memorable in the last decade I believe it's imperative to do exactly what the title suggest. In all honesty this was not my original thought. This was a direct prophetic word given to me a few days ago. However, I thought this was a word to be shared with other like minded individuals as I assume you are. While the "world" panics those of us who put our trust in God are seeking peace, guidance and understanding. As scripture states "We are in the world, but not of the world...". The end has not yet come so while we have natural eyes to see what's taking place we are to develop our spiritual eyes to see what's going on in the spirit realm. That being said until the truth Messiah's return we should be using this down time to pursue God's plan for our lives. Those short yet impactful words were in reference to a project I have that when it comes to fruition will blow my mind and come as a surprise to many. The Uncomfortable Truth is that for some plans to come to pass will require us to move out of our comfort zone. The vision is so large at times that we will have to be BOLD in addition to being persistent. In fact, most times you will have to knock hard and loud to let the world know you have to something to offer that is of value. With some many things vying for our attention it can be challenging standing out or commanding attention. Eventually, I will reveal what I was told to do but just know it was not something I would normally do. But we all know God will instruct us to do things that will appear crazy to others. You will always have those who say "it doesn't take all that". But the fact of the matter sometimes it just might take all that and more to step into the blessing that has your name on it. In closing, you have nothing to lose at this point so why not go all out and risk looking "Crazy" for God? Remember he uses the foolish thing to confound the wise! For more you can get a FREE E-book version of my new book "The Uncomfortable Truth" for the next 7 days! The link is right here on this site or simply enter title on Amazon.

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