In the clouds

Hey Family as you can see I have a new hoodie out. "I Am God's Plan". The significance of that slogan is that you and I are part of Gods plan to help each other keep our eyes on Heaven. The days are short for the wicked which is why we should not rejoice in their destruction but count ourselves lucky because we ourselves are saved by grace. In a dream last week I saw the son of God coming in the clouds riding a horse. I saw a narrow door and two people went in and one was held up. As I think about it I do believe I asked the father for clarity concerning if he's literally coming back at some point in the not so distant past. I would be lying if I had never questioned my faith. The word says believe not every spirit so we have to test the spirit to see if it is of God. Now, if I see the blonde haired blue eyed Jesus depicted in that picture forced in our faces in the sky we're all in trouble. Which is why I needed clarity and it will certainly be a sight to see because it has been said for a long time. Some believe it's just astrology, the sun signs. You know how the sun walks on water. The months are the 12 disciples or disciplines etc. etc. So many schools of thought but he said my sheep hear my voice and a stranger he will not follow. You have to agree we're at a crucial point in time no matter what stance you take but you better be willing to stand on it. It's important that we are not deceived or mock the things of Yah because we lack understanding. For it is not the will of man that will prevail it is the will of the creator of the man that will come to pass though it tarried for our sakes. It's best to err on the side air on the side of caution in my opinion.

We all should be asking the father for the strength to live righteously. Laying aside every sin and weight is a daunting task that must be completed because it's time to separate the wheat from the tares. As of late I've been focused on being a peacemaker. Blessed are the peacemakers right? Going to those who matter most to clear up any unresolved issues that may have with me. I'm big enough to be first to approach to get things right. Pride is the biggest killer of so many families which is exactly what the enemy loves. Don't allow this fallen world system make you lose sight of what is at stake. Be blessed!

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