In between time! Now what?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

By now we all know recognize we are living in a vastly world that what we were once used to. Every day new cases of what I believe is a lab created crisis burst onto our TV screens and mobile devices. Death tolls continue to rise being attributed to this pandemic regardless of how accurate it is. At the same time exact change is now being required at certain stores due it possibly be contaminated. Racial tension is at an all time high as more unjust dealings are being circulated on the news and social media. As a consequence, many wake up with a certain level of anxiety and for some fear of what the future holds. Some believers warn the Messiah is soon to return based on the labor pains the world is experiencing. While some predict way more woes are to come. In some way both view points may indeed turn out to valid. As it's said you dont miss what you have until it's gone. All this being what should we be doing in times like these? Well in my estimation we should first regardless of how we FEEL we need to make sure we are spending time in prayer drawing close our creator. Secondly, after all that has taken place in this world we should embrace the need to do our own due diligence regarding what see and hear in the news. For the sake of being considered a crazy conspiracy theorist many forgo the benefits of critical thinking. Moreover, sometimes if something doesn't sound right it's simply because it's not right. What better Propaganda machine could you have than control of media like mainstream television? Without much research you will find various governments have used this tool to shape the public opinion to justify many self serving causes including all out war. Soon I imagine due to this mandemic as I call it they will have a solution. One of which will be a vaccine to "fight" this crisis. If you bought into the fact that vaccinations are completely safe then you and this you love may fall victim to the experiment they have planned. Who's the infamous they? Well, it the people you don't see that control secretly behind the veil that call the shots. The bottom line is there are those with evil intent operating at the highest levels of society. We can assured that no one can escape God who sees and knows all. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay! That's scripture folks. So as some of us prepare for a physical battle it's important to bring the game changer with you. In between time make sure you continue working faithfully on your lifes work to keep you balanced. Constant worry about the future can drive you crazy if you let it. Fight the good fight of faith!

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