Cognitive Dissonance

Greetings to all who are reading this blog I'm in the process of writing my third book. However, I feel it's important that I stay in touch with those who still value the written word. As the illustration clearly shows many people suffer with cognitive dissonance which explains why my previous book "The Uncomfortable Truth" contains subjects that are considered taboo to some. Admittedly before I was confronted with information in my late teens that caused me to question what I believed to be true I was also in the same position as so many others. Unfortunately very few of us challenge the status quo. For the older generation in my opinion A lot of people have been taught to basically just go along to get along or Don't Rock the Boat. On the flipside you have the younger generation who are too occupied with entertainment, social media amongst other trivial things to even consider what's going on. And lastly, there are those in the middle regardless of age who recognize something is not right and are willing to invest time investigating the possibility that something more sinister is going on in the world in which we live. I've never been one for coincidences so when I notice certain inconsistencies or anomalies I pay attention. I'm willing to go down the rabbit hole in an effort not to be deceived or unwillingly lead into making life altering decisions based on misinformation. Please keep in mind this is not a message of judgment but rather a moment for everyone to critically examine the sources of information you consider trustworthy. Do keep in mind the "credible" news outlets are owned by someone. That being said, you need to know if that person or organization is also of good character and committed to full transparency. Furthermore, knowing if they are financially influenced to promote or suppress pertinent details regarding content that shapes public opinion. Keep in mind it costs you absolutely nothing to think but it could cost you everything to allow others to think for you. In closing we all should continue seeking God's face to give us wisdom, knowledge and understanding concerning all things.

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